Coaching | Workshops | Lectures

Maya has developed unique techniques, methods and approaches for ensuring interesting, thought-provoking and practical study. A range of lectures, workshops, role-playing activities and other training frameworks offer applicable tools and knowledge for making the most of cross-cultural meetings. All instruction is oriented specifically towards client requirements, taking into account all details of the organization’s operations and goals, to assist in building a firm basis for inter-cultural success. Maya’s training programs will benefit organization representatives from all levels, from senior management through marketing and sales, to all those who work within a multicultural environment.

Maya’s coaching services include:
• Training for negotiations with    representatives of other cultures
• Preparing representatives and their   families for relocation, for the process of   change and readjustment necessary for   rapid adaptation to a new environment
• Training in managing a multicultural   team, including selection of workers,   gaining trust and setting up feedback   systems

Maya’s workshops focus on specific cultures relevant to the client’s organization, and cover a range of issues including:
• Development of a multicultural team
• Preparing a team from one culture for   meeting a team from another culture
• Learning about other cultures and   identifying different norms and values
• Developing intercultural communication   and conflict management skills
• Identifying various concepts of success

Maya’s lectures are based on experiential and interactive learning processes, focusing on the Far East, CIS, USA, Oceania, the Arab states, South America and Western Europe according to relevancy, and cover:
• General background on what is different   between specific relevant cultures
• The business culture, ethics and values   of various countries