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In the modern world of instant communications around the globe, of easy travel to all corners of the earth, of international trade and banking, when efficiency is paramount, the regular working day presents challenges unknown just a few years ago. Maya gives you the tools to turn those challenges into opportunities. Maya offers training for businesspersons, public sector employees, NGOs and all those whose work demands cross-cultural communications, meetings and cooperation. Through a variety of study frameworks, including workshops, lectures and personal coaching, Maya assists in familiarization with unknown cultures, offering tools, methods and advice for overcoming culture shock, readjusting rapidly to unfamiliar conditions and understanding new norms and values. At the core of all Maya’s services is the firm belief that diversity presents an exciting challenge, and that with the correct training and approach, this colorful puzzle can be solved, providing countless opportunities for success.

Our Team
Maya lecturers, consultants and trainers are all experts in the field of cross-cultural training and consultancy, and bring the benefits of their own personal experience of working in multicultural environments. Each team member has personal stories of adaptation and readjustment, and first-hand knowledge of overcoming culture differences. The Maya team has worked for a decade in the US, various European countries, CIS and Israel. Many members also have rich personal experience in the cultures and business philosophies of the Far East, Latin America and Oceania.

Our Vision
We aim to inspire organizations and individuals to create an open work environment that transforms cross-cultural differences into growth and success.

Our Values
Professionalism – We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism in order to ensure optimal results. Personal Example – Our consultants and trainers live the ideas and approaches they teach. Each team member has personal experience in applying the tools and methods presented by Maya, and all were selected for the openness, flexibility, creativity and professionalism they demonstrated in their previous professional life. Empowerment – We are dedicated to providing each client with the tools and knowledge to operate effectively and independently in a multicultural environment. Individuality – We tailor our programs to each organization according to its cross-cultural needs, ensuring the material is relevant to its targets and goals. Reliability – We are committed to the highest professional ethical standards. All information we receive about any organization or individual is treated with the strictest confidentiality and is not passed on to any third party without client approval.